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Installation Difficulty
Very Easy

This short and simple guide will show you how to install the ZENCAPTCHA extension to your Joomla website​


  • Download the ZENCAPTCHA extension for your Joomla! powered website. Click the following button to download the latest ZENCAPTCHA zip file:

  • Upload the Zencaptcha .zip file to your Joomla! website. [ℹ️ From the Backend of your Joomla site (Administrator) select Extensions β†’ Install/Uninstall. Click the Browse button and select the Zencaptcha .zip file from your local machine. Click the Upload File & Install button]

  • Create a free account on Zencaptcha and add your website

  • Grab the generated Site Key and Secret Key

  • Add these keys into the Zencaptcha plugin settings page in your Joomla! admin dashboard.

  • DONE! πŸš€