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How it works

First, register easily with our partner Digistore24. Then, replace the placeholder in the following link with your Digistore24 ID. You will automatically receive a monthly commission of 25% for each referred person who makes a purchase, as well as for all subsequent purchases by that person. There are no limits. You can refer as many people as you want.

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Recommend Zencaptcha to your friends, family, or target audience using your unique link. Use your own website, emails, social media (Facebook, Instagram...), etc.

Passive income, month after month

You earn 25% recurring lifetime commissions on all sales and subsequent revenues for each completed subscription.

Your benefits as an affiliate

Privacy-friendly technology from Europe

Most alternative software programs for combating spam and bots either violate European data protection regulations or store user cookies. This can quickly become very expensive for website operators.

Very popular software

Website operators make every effort to protect their website from harmful bots and keep their email lists free from temporary or fake email addresses. Zencaptcha effectively supports them in this endeavor.

Worry-free and uncomplicated

Our robust, privacy-friendly software seamlessly integrates into any website. Website owners can rely on complying with the strict data protection regulations of the EU (e.g., GDPR). Complete peace of mind.

International commissions

Zencaptcha is available in multiple languages and super easy to integrate. You have the opportunity to reach many more prospects and generate much more revenue.

Fast growth

Every day, numerous new website operators and businesses decide to protect their customers' data and use the powerful European Google reCAPTCHA alternative.

Benefit from premium commissions

With Zencaptcha, you not only have the opportunity to collect commissions from friends, acquaintances, and other individuals but also from large companies with a larger budget. This allows you to benefit from higher commission rates.


In general, we support all marketing measures such as email campaigns, links in your articles and posts, influencer advertising, banners on your website, as well as social media activities and advertising.

Not allowed:
- Spam (Excessive harassment of strangers). It is prohibited to distribute your own link via mass emails to unknown recipients or through automated systems/bots.
- Ads in Google Ads and Youtube Ads (Only possible after consultation with us)
- Creating social media pages, profiles, or websites in our name or that give the impression of being from Zencaptcha

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